lycopodium-148x150Découvrez ci dessous, l’intégralité du cours de matière médicale dispensé par le Docteur Edouard Broussalian sur le remède homéopathique Lycopodium, qui est un immense médicament. Il constitue avec Sulphur et Calcarea carbonica un trio incontournable chez les êtres humains.




(1812-1888) Born in Prussia, educated in Berlin before going to the United States in 1838 to register in the first and only homeopathic medical college in the world in Pennsylvania, known as the Allentown Academy. The Academy closed soon after his outstanding graduation. Considered by many to be one of the most clinically successful homeopathic physicians in our great legacy, Dr. Lippe's countless publications provide a blueprint for homeopathic practice. He helped launch several of the best homeopathic journals ever to be published, including the Organon, the Hahnemannian Monthly, and the Homeopathic Physician.

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