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Le langage du Répertoire


Avec la sortie du répertoire, voici le bon moment pour vous de lire ou relire cet article de Kent sur le sujet. En résumé, je vous extrais cette phrase que mes étudiants ont maintes fois entendue. « L’utilisation mécanique du Répertoire ne mène jamais à une prescription artistique ni à des résultats remarquables ». Le langage du Répertoire […]

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Observation 6


Observation 6 No initial aggravation, the patient claims to be better, but he is not. (mirroring observation 20 and 21 mostly). Levels: A and B, and below. Diagnosis: partial prescription. In high levels of health, you would have prescribed a simile. In low levels of health with an indistinct picture, this is a normal situation […]

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Observation 5


Observation 5 Physical symptoms improve after an initial aggravation in the beginning of treatment, but no reaction is observed on the emotional and mental levels, or on the overall energy level. Levels: A and B but without emotional and mental issues. C needing several consecutive remedies. Diagnosis: Partial homeopathicity. Unless you are dealing with high […]

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Observation 4


Observation 4 After an initial aggravation, more or less marked, there is a local and general improvement, but we notice the appearance of new symptoms that belong to the prescribed medicine. Levels : A and B, often C as well. Diagnosis : Excellent homeopathicity on a hypersensitive patient. The aggravation you have been able to moderate with […]

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Observation 3


The patient feels better in all respects, after an initial aggravation, but still some minor problems remain unchanged. Levels: A and B Diagnosis: dose too weak. This is the kind of cases that are very tricky to deal with using a dry dose, as one is forced to wait as long as possible to see […]

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Observation 2


Observation 2 The patient feels much better in every respect, and there is little to no aggravation. Levels: this is how high level Group A patients react, whatever the dose administered. Group D patient would also not have a reaction but then their condition would relapse very quickly again. Diagnosis: Ideal case, dose is a […]

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Observation 1


Observation 1 Marked aggravation of the major physical complaint (s), of the mental-emotional symptoms and of the energy level, followed by a rapid and long-lasting recovery. Levels: A to low group B. Diagnosis: Dose too high. We are in the presence of a vibrant body that eagerly absorbed the dose. However, the strong reaction indicates […]

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